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Comprehensively Certified - The Pilates Center
200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher

Zoe Ledwith

My name is Zoe Ledwith and I’m originally from Madison, WI, but have been enjoying the Florida sunshine for seven years. I initially started practicing Pilates as an alternative to my avid daily yoga practice. I was constantly studying and teaching yoga, but as a result of improper muscular engagement, I had lots of SI pain and a constantly tender hamstring injury. When I started practicing Pilates, I was in awe that my pain went away! I went on to complete a 450 hour apprenticeship with amazing classical teachers from The Pilates Center, a school renowned for their deep understanding of holistic alignment and engagement.

Experiencing my own healing is only the surface of my passion for Pilates. The human body truly is a wonder of the world, and Pilates is a highly intelligent method to unlock our natural ability for strength, mobility, flexibility, balance and coordination. There are infinite things to learn about the human body and Pilates, and I love to continue studying and share what I learn with my students. I love helping others experience the wonders of Pilates and their own bodies.

When not in the studio, I love to dance, read, go to museums and theatres, drink matcha, and spend time with my loved ones.

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