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Private Sessions
**As low as $279/mo

Private instruction is recommended for individuals that have never done Pilates, or anyone who appreciates the individualized attention. As you can expect, these sessions are tailored to that individual's needs.


Every private session is delivered on a one-on-one basis, by one of our highly qualified instructors. Private sessions are usually performed on any or all of our specialized Pilates equipment (Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chair, Mat, Barrel, CoreAlign, etc).


*These sessions are by appointment only

Duet Sessions

**As low as $209/mo


It's preferred that you take at least 3 privates before signing up for a duet session. Knowledge and familiarity of the spring changes, equipment set-up, basic cues and techniques used is important to grasp, before sharing the dynamic nature of the duet class with others.


*These sessions are by appointment only 

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